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Repair, Remodel, Remake

Australian Pearl Divers, a division of Australian Opal Cutters proud to manufacture jewels for the Royal Family (commissioned by The Australian Monarchist League.) So why scrap your old jewellery when our jewelers can repair, remake, remodel or restore your old jewellery as new or if you prefer even create you something very unique re-using your own gold and gems? You wouldn't scrap your house for its bricks, so don’t scrap your jewellery for its gold! Bring it to Australian Opal Cutters.

You may be aware that unscrupulous gold buyers are undervaluing gold when negotiating with well-meaning members of the public. Recent “exposes” on TV  have shown practices such as underestimating the hallmarking (or type) of gold and offering a 14kt gold price for a 18kt piece, as well as such practices as not admitting the price per gram that the customers gold is being valued at. These practices all add up to less money for YOU.

Selling your gold with a disreputable dealer is like selling your house for the value of the scrap materials. Your gold jewellery was designed at some point, hard work and effort went into the manufacturing and ultimately, a good polish and clean will bring your jewellery back to its original condition. So why sell your gold for next-to-nothing when unscrupulous merchants will often just polish the item and realize its true value at a jewellery auction.

At Australian Opal Cutters we are opening up our “best-kept secret”, a handcrafting jewellery workshop where you can bring in your jewellery for a free appraisal. You will discover better prices for your heirlooms or with the help of our master jeweller re-create brand new contemporary masterpieces from your much-loved items. So drop in and see us today for the real gold price, and a surprisingly fresh approach to looking at your old jewellery.

1 - Manufacturer

Australian Opal Cutters have designed and manufactured these superb world-class pieces for HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge; HRH Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge for their Royal Wedding and HRH Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall which was commissioned by The Australian Monarchist League.

2 - Savings

As we buy directly from the mines we are able to pass the savings on to you! Opals direct to you! Cut out the middlemen.

3 - Selection

Our collection is over 60,000 pieces strong, opals set into jewellery as rings, pendants, earrings and thousands of loose opals and every piece is polished and or set to perfection. Buy guaranteed from the largest selection available.

4 - Service

We have an international lifetime warranty policy that ensures that we will treat you as well as we like to be treated ourselves, we use the Golden Rule!

5 - Quality

Our jewellers have a strict quality control policy that includes, a finely polished finish and a host of other minute details that ensure you will be completely satisfied!

6 - Confidence

All of our fine jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity, providing you with 100% complete confidence in the quality of your purchase.

Black Opals

"Black opal" is a term used for opal that has a dark body color, often black or dark gray. The term is also used for opal that has a dark blue or dark green body color. The dark body color often makes the fire of black opal more obvious. ... It was mined at Lightning Ridge, Australia, the "Black Opal Capital of the World".

Boulder Opals

Boulder Opal is a unique and beautiful opal found in Queensland, Australia. It is easily identifiable because it is a mixture of ironstone and opal either in a matrix or layered. Every stone is unique and they are arguably the most affordable opal available.

White Opals

"Light opal" and "white opal" are terms used for opal material that has a white, yellow or cream body color. This is the most common body color for precious opal. These stones were cut from material mined at Coober Pedy, South Australia. They are calibrated 8 x 6 millimeter cabochons.