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Our Royal Connection

Australian Opal Cutters are proud supporters of the Royal Family, to celebrate the most recent Royal visit, and in particular the first visit of the Duchess of Cambridge and baby Prince George, the Australian Monarchist League in conjunction with Australian Opal Cutters,   are presenting to our Royal visitors, one half of a Boulder Opal pair as can be seen from the picture alongside.

Mr Blaiklock, the chairman of Australian Opal Cutters, is gifting the Boulder Opal for this purpose.

When showing the gift at a recent Australian Monarchist League Luncheon, Mr Blaiklock said: “The two halves that complete this gem pair of opals not only represent Australia's national gemstone and the official NSW State Emblem but also reflect our shared Crown and history. Although they will be separated geographically with this half in Kensington Palace and the other in Australia, they will continue to symbolise our unity of purpose under constitutional monarchy and through the partnership of the Commonwealth (of Nations).”




Black Opals

"Black opal" is a term used for opal that has a dark body color, often black or dark gray. The term is also used for opal that has a dark blue or dark green body color. The dark body color often makes the fire of black opal more obvious. ... It was mined at Lightning Ridge, Australia, the "Black Opal Capital of the World".

Boulder Opals

Boulder Opal is a unique and beautiful opal found in Queensland, Australia. It is easily identifiable because it is a mixture of ironstone and opal either in a matrix or layered. Every stone is unique and they are arguably the most affordable opal available.

White Opals

"Light opal" and "white opal" are terms used for opal material that has a white, yellow or cream body color. This is the most common body color for precious opal. These stones were cut from material mined at Coober Pedy, South Australia. They are calibrated 8 x 6 millimeter cabochons.