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Australian Opal Cutters

Australia's Largest Boulder Opal "Majestic"

$250,000.00 incredible Australian Boulder Opal is quite possibly Australia's largest Boulder Opal Specimen, 

An absolutely staggering piece that would be the ultimate display piece for a collector or museum. Far greater than an investment in art, This IS "Opal Art!"

Weighing in at over 20 kilograms and measuring approximately 40cmx20cmx15cm this is a staggeringly unique and valuable specimen...this is quite possibly the largest Boulder Opal specimen available for sale anywhere in the world!

The "Majestic" us absolutely unique! Typically in Boulder Opal the Opal colour fills minute cracks, crevices and fissures in the "Ironstone" when these silica rich solutions "Opalize" they are very thin, creating a surface 'film' layer that is 'normally' a fraction of a millimetre thick. With this "majestic' Boulder Opal. the Opal layer is over 2cm thick in parts.

This incredible Opal specimen has been appraised at over $250,000 and there would be no other item like it anywhere on Earth!

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