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20929183 Boulder Opal Pendant 16.15ct

20929183 Boulder Opal Pendant 16.15ct



This Boulder Opal pendant takes on the appearance of storm clouds. The calm appearance of the blue and green within the Opal mixes with the fiery passion of the red to create an effect that transports the viewer into a world filled with colour and emotion. The beauty of this gem is that the strength of the colours balance each other out to result in a gem that at first excites the eye, and then calms the senses.

Opal Boulder Opal
Carat Weight  16.15ct
Metal 18K Yellow Gold
Accent Stones 1 Diamonds
Total Carat Weight  0.035ct

"Item number 20929183. This is a very well known Opal writer in America who says that he has never seen a "Yowah Nut" So they must be priceless. We see so few of them, that we would have to agree with him. This is where the colour of Opal occurs inside the Boulder Opal. This is probably the only one you will ever see."

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