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Australian Opal Cutters

20184742 "Aurora Borealis" Boulder Opal Loose 34.48ct

This Boulder Opal captures the essence of dripping paint. The gem is filled with mellow greens and blues that are juxtaposed with kisses of red that appear along the edge of the Opal. The colours move and merge together to create an overall appearance of warmth. This Opal uses its deep blue - green hues to invite the viewer into the depth of its dreamtime meaning. We are left suspended between the worlds.

Opal Boulder Opal
Carat Weight  34.48ct

"This is item 20184742. A loose Boulder Opal of 34.48 carats. We can not show you the piece right now, because it is in the factory being set, into an absolutely stunning, beautiful, indescribably beautiful piece of jewellery. This is a very rare named pattern. We’ve named it Aurora Borealis, because the top part of this Opal literally, as you move it, rolls like the waves of colouring in the Aurora Borealis and this is the sea that the Aurora Borealis has set upon."

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