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20183745 Black Opal Pendant 3.22ct

20183745 Black Opal Pendant 3.22ct



This marvellous Black Opal has an extremely dark base. On top of which, a lighter blue-green colouring sits. The darker base allows for the brightness of the green to stand out with an exceptional vibrancy.

Opal Black Opal
Carat Weight  3.22ct
Metal Platinum
Accent Stones 62 Diamonds
Total Carat Weight  2.69ct

"This marvellous Black Opal, number 20183745, this marvellous Black Opal with a very dark in one base. The best gem colour base that Black Opal comes in is in blue and green on top of the very dark base. An exquisite Opal which weights 3.22ct, set in Platinum with 62 Diamonds totalling 2.69ct in weight and of course the Platinum chain. This is a really special piece."

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