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Black Opal Pendant set in Sterling Silver 0.95ct 8x6 mm

Black Opal Pendant set in Sterling Silver 0.95ct 8x6 mm



230105920 from Graeme Blaiklock on Vimeo.

Natural Australian Gem Black Opal is arguably the #1 Rarest Commercially Available Gemstone on Earth! Loose Opals hand-cut from the rough Opal are genuinely valuable and have a uniqueness that places them above every other gemstone. Precious, Valuable Investments that you can set in your own Jewellery design or give as the perfect gift as: "a Rainbow you can hold in your hand" Genuine + Natural + Guaranteed! At Australian Opal Cutters our Black Opal Pendants are hand-crafted Natural Australian Black Opals that have been hand cut from rough Opal in the Australian Opal CuttersSydney workshop. At Australian Opal Cutters our Natural Australian Blackl Opal is exactly that, Natural, Genuine, Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge in N.S.W. (the only place on earth that produces it) that has not been treated in any chemical process to bring out or enhance the colour! Unfortunately many online sellers are offering “Opal” but it is a far cheaper Ethiopian Opal alternative, a material that is often heat and chemical treated to bring out the colour still others offer “Opal” but are actually selling fake plastic! This is the perfect gift as it is a genuine investment, much rarer than diamond and the only gemstone where you can "hold a rainbow in your hand" literally! The Black Opals are hand-cut from the "rough" material by industry experts who know how to find the colour and carefully remove the Opal "potch" (Opal without colour). This is an age-old tradition and is a cutting process that has not changed in 100 years. The Opal is then set in a piece of jewellery that we have designed in our Sydney workshop and Opal cutting factory. Our designers have been designing for decades and have had the enormous privilege of designing jewellery for the Royal family. Technical Specifications Genuine Natural Australian Black Opal is Australia’s National Gemstone and the State Emblem of N.S.W., the “lucky gem from the lucky country”. A hydrated amorphous form of silica SiO2•nH2O consisting of spheres of silicon dioxide molecules arranged in regular, closely packed planes. And only found in Lightning Ridge, Australia. Guaranteed free of dyes and artificial colour. Introducing Australian Opal Cutters In 1967, Grandfather Jack Musgrave Blaiklock, a New Zealander, a wholesale jewellery trader and a visionary, moved to Australia, with his son Graeme Blaiklock. Graeme fell in love with the Jewellery industry and traded successfully for many years. In 1982, Graeme started his own Opal company Australian Opal Cutters in Sydney Australia. He was inspired by a local limousine driver whose guests "complained that they could get better prices back home". From these humble beginnings grew the word-of-mouth phenomenon that is "Australian Opal Cutters". Today Australian Opal Cutters has grown to be the world’s leading producer of skillfully cut and polished Opals and Opal jewellery. 35+ years later the company, still family-owned and run by Jason (3rd generation family member), and has a global reach with exclusive cruise liners, a presence in over 38 countries and an online store. Australian Opal Cutters comprises two major businesses, one cutting and polishing loose opals and the other creating hand-crafted jewellery products. Graeme has been actively involved in all areas of the gem and jewellery trades for decades including manufacturing, retailing, trade shows and wholesaling. He brings a depth of knowledge to the industry, but, more importantly, a deep love for the industry and the customers who are the lifeblood of any business! A high demand for quality pearls resulted in the founding of Australian Pearl Divers as a branch of Australian Opal Cutters in the mid 1990's. Australian Pearl Divers are "aggregators" which means that Graeme seeks to find the finest quality pearls at the most competitive prices. Once these pearl 'parcels' have been purchased they will be absorbed into the collection and presented for sale. Graeme regularly checks his pearls in a very sophisticated gem testing machine known as a "Spectrometer". This machine is able to determine not only the type of pearl, but tell if a pearl has been dyed or not. This is a most valuable tool, as a pearl should be natural in it's origin as well as its color and a spectrometer is the only way to test this. Australian Pearl Divers is most likely the closest any customer will every get to "diving for pearls" themselves! The Lucky Gem from the Lucky Country By the way, if you have ever heard the myth that Opals are unlucky, we just thought you should know that it is alleged that this was invented by the Diamond industry, as Opals were once the engagement ring of choice. For more information see "The Diamond Invention". Opal is Australia’s National Gemstone, with the Black Opal featuring as the State Emblem of NSW. Opal is known as the “Queen of Gems”.

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