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20596705 Black Opal Ring 5.55ct

20596705 Black Opal Ring 5.55ct



This remarkable black ring has a solid red colouring that sits on top of a blue black base. The colour has a brilliant vibrancy that catches the viewers attention and draws the eye into the 'fire' of the Opal.

Opal Black Opal
Carat Weight  5.55ct
Metal Platinum
Accent Stones 66 Diamonds
Total Carat Weight  1.45ct

"Here we have it again, the combination of every Opal cutters and Opal miners dream, red on Black Opal. What a beautiful piece, 5.55ct and set with 66 Diamonds, totalling nearly 1.5ct of Diamond in Platinum and full face of red colour, such an unusual find. Something we are always looking for. We only have a few of these in stock. Because we cut so many Opals, we’re fortunate enough to have more then anybody else, anywhere, of red on Black Opal."

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