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20591779 Boulder Opal Loose 13.62ct

20591779 Boulder Opal Loose 13.62ct



The effect of this Boulder Opal is like fireworks exploding on summers night. There is a warmth that is created in the appearance of this Opal. The deep blue of the base allows for the moments of bright gold, red and green to standout with more bright vibrancy. The impact of colour in this Opal is truly something to be admired.

Opal Boulder Opal
Carat Weight  13.62ct

"This Boulder Opal is loose and item number 20591779. It’s 13.62ct of Opal. Lovely clean face for a Boulder Opal, no ironstone showing through. Beautiful clean face, with lovely blocky multi-colours and predominance of red, orange and yellow. The yellow by the way, is very rare in Opal. You see it very rarely, you don’t see Opal with yellow colour at all but it always indicates that there is orange and red there anyhow, because obviously red and orange is inside of yellow or at least just above yellow."

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