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20556358 Boulder Opal Pendant/Brooch 2.2ct

20556358 Boulder Opal Pendant/Brooch 2.2ct



This is a particularly unusual Boulder Opal and to highlight its peculiarity we have set the stone in an incredibly interesting setting. The fantastic brightness of the yellow gold compliments the unique nature of the Opal. A one of a kind piece not to be missed.

Opal Boulder Opal, Crystal Opal
Carat Weight  2.2ct, 0.01ct
Metal Platinum, 18K Yellow Gold
Accent Stones

2 Diamonds

Assorted gemstones: Ruby's, Garnets, Amethysts, Tourmalines and Topaz

"This is item 20556358, this really unusual Boulder Opal deserves the really unusual setting that we’ve given it. It’s set in a 18K Yellow Gold, with Platinum and Diamonds, Ruby's, Garnets, Amethysts, Tourmalines and Topaz. A really special piece for a very special person."

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