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Australian Opal Cutters

20466534 ''Outback Palette'' Black Opal Pendant 5.13ct

This Black Opal pendant is so rare as it is not only coloured on both sides of the stone but one side has the eye of the Opal. This Opal eye is filled with deep blues, greens and violets that look up into the viewer. There is a sense of connection that comes with this stone. The colours are all in the same vein with no sudden reds jumping out to catch the viewers attention. The effect of these similar colours results in a deeply calm sensation. It feels as if you were looking out onto the sea on a windless day. Perhaps this Opal eye has that calm effect on its wearer, this is a question only the wearer will be able to answer.

Opal Black Opal
Carat Weight  5.13ct
Metal 18K Yellow Gold
Accent Stones 6 Diamonds
Total Carat Weight  0.045ct

"This is item 20466534. We may spend our lives searching for Opals like this, but very, very rarely do we find one and than on the other side the green that we hope to find as well. So this is a very unusual double sided Opal. One side has what we call eye of Opal, a very very unusual and rare phenomenon that occurs occasionally in Opal 5.13ct with 6 Diamonds weighing 0.045ct. beautifully set I must say."

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